What SHE. Is, What SHE. is not

What we are….

We are passionate about what we do, open minded and excited about the possibilities for SHE.  as a branded label.

We are honest, confident about our vision and working towards having an efficient and effectively run business.

We are committed to following fair trade practices, supporting other women and raising awareness around the necessity for equality.

We are kind, generous and loving. We look forward to sharing that with the world.

We are for women, for men, for love and for equality.

We are on fire and it shows.

The many Virtues of SHE.


We would love to give you free shipping. The reality is at the price point we are offering, we cannot absorb the cost of shipping into the price of the SHE.- shirt and still make a profit. 

– Commitment –

We would love to sell you a shirt at the best deal possible. I Love a good deal, believe me, but there is no way we can sell a $9.99 shirt, present a quality product, follow fair trade practices, and reinvest back into the charities we love and support, unless we sell at an encompassing price point.  

– Conscious –

Would we love to work for nothing? Possibly. We have already devoted many many hours, that will be repaid in love and nothing more. We are striving to be successful business owners, that can add to the world of retail, rather than only taking away. 

– Supportive –

Would we love to pump out thousands of shirts from a factory, making tons of money, caring only about the bottom line? Probably not… that is not who we are. We care about people! We want to support women as much as possible. We are two small town girls, trying to make big things happen and help a little island, with big dreams, in an emerging market. 

– Kind, Generous, and Upfront –

We would love to have your SHE.-Shirt in your hands, like yesterday, but that is just not the reality of our lives. We are trying to make SHE. happen in an already, energy conflicting world. Between us, we work full time jobs, with husbands who work away, leaving us at least part-time, in “single mom-dom”. The solution is, we will take orders for one whole week, print, process and ship for one whole week. It is entirely possible that your shirt may take up to two to three weeks to finally reach you. We are doing our very best and appreciate your patience in this area.  

We would love for everything to be perfect every time, but hey come on, that’s not realistic either. We are fiercely committed to working towards finding solutions, that make everyone happy in the end.  

We stand by our product and believe you will wear it proudly.

Check out our independently designed SHE.-shirts in the catalogue section of this website.