Bernice Williams - SHE.rah March 2019

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Phone : 902 521 6046


From the very moment that Angela and I, actually put it out there into the world that we wanted to start a fashion label, the universe has basically been handing us all the things we need, just when we need them. Starting with Bernice. 

Bernice is a listener, she is a motivator and she is an intentional connector.

Bernice is extremely knowledgeable about business, networking, planning and just about anything else you can think of.  She has referred me to participate in programs and workshops, notified me of upcoming events I should not miss out on and connected me to all the right people, at just the right time.

Bernice is currently facilitating the Dream Business Program, which helps new business owners on their journey to creating lasting enterprises, hosting her brand new Pod cast, A little Woo! and doing 365 female "Inner Wisdom" interviews which she is posting every day for a year. 

Bernice has been there every step of the way, encouraging us and inspiring us to believe in ourselves. I am super grateful for her unending support. And I am very proud to call her our first SHE.rah!!!

Find Bernice in the following places

A little woo community- Facebook 

Intentional Connection - Facebook

Podcast : A Little Woo